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Wilthen Youth Centre

It all started in October 1991 when the idea of open youth work was brought up by two MPs and Pastor Fritz. The idea was followed by action and the youth centre opened its doors on Dresdener Straße in 1992– at that time still under the auspices of the town of Wilthen.

A lot has happened here since then. It has been renovated and modernised, built and remodelled. Since 2006, when the founder was changed to the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V.Neukirch, the “elves“ moved in.

Today, the open youth centre in Wilthen offers all children and young people numerous opportunities for meaningful leisure activities and we are also open to questions and problems.

Youth participation

Together with young people with an affinity for cycling and BMX, we organise regular renovation and construction activitiesat the local skate park. In the process, the young people independently plan and outline their ideas and wishes. In addition to working on their own skatepark, other spots in the district are visited, ridden and tested.

The planning and design of the day trips is in the hands of the young people. The youth centre offers the group a protected space where they meet at regular intervals for consultation meetings.

Wilthen Youth Centre Summer Day Camp
Wilthen Youth Centre Summer Day Camp

Summer Day Camp at the Youth Centre
The summer camp offers young people the opportunity to spend a few days in the meadow with the social workers. Every year, the programme includes full-day excursions, team games, outdoor cooking, open-air cinema, campfiresand lots of fun.

The Wilthen Youth Centre as Club Global

As part of the “Club Global” project, we want to give children and young people the opportunity to look beyond their own horizons, encourage them to change their perspectives, discover global aspects in their everyday livesand try out options for action that are close to the real world.

Find out more about “Club Global” here!

Opening hours of the youth centre

Opening hours
Our offer Monday to Friday :
13:00 – 18:00 afternoon get-together with time to chat, billiards, Wii, darts and much more!
Current weekly offers can be found in our weekly schedule!

Current hygiene rules:

  • Voluntary wearing of a mask
  • Recommended hygiene measures:
      • Wash and disinfect hands regularly
      • Keep distance
      • Stay at home with cold symptoms


Wilthen Youth Centre
Valtenbergwichtel e.V.
Dresdener Straße 35
02681 Wilthen
Phone: +49 3592/ 34 890

Internship at the Wilthen Youth Centre

Students from the field of social work as well as trainees (educators) have the opportunity to complete an internship at the Wilthen Youth Centre.

Please send enquiries and application documents (cover letter, CV, work assessments) to candy.winter@valtenbergwichtel.de. A job description for the internship position can be found here: stellenbeschreibung-jugendhaus-wilthen.pdf.

Voluntary service at the Wilthen Youth Centre

We are a placement site for the Voluntary Ecological Year. The position in the Voluntary Ecological Year has already been filled for the period from September 2021 to the end of August 2022. Please send enquiries and applications to tilo.moritz@valtenbergwichtel.de

Wilthen Youth Centre Team

We are the guardians of order, arbiters of disputes, and leisure time organisers, and sometimes we are also the trouble-shooters for our guests in the Wilthen Youth Centre. We are also responsible for youth work, holiday activities and public relations. We also always have an open ear for questions or problems!

Carolin Griesch

Leader of the Wilthen Youth Centre

You can usually find me every day at the Wilthen Youth Centre. I am the contact person for the Wilthen Youth Centre and the various projects that can be found in the house and around it.

I’m here for an open leisuretime meeting Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm and would be happy to play pool, various board games or just chat with you.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I also have an open ear for you if you have any worries or problems, and I’m there to help you in word and deed!

I am also interested in creative and craft projects. I am also responsible for the skate park in Wilthen. Do you have ideas and suggestions for enhancing this space and building new elements? Give me a shout.

I look forward to your visit! 🙂

Lilli Knauth

B.A. Student of Social Work

  • Phone: +49 3592 34890
  • E-mail: lilli.knauth@valtenbergwichtel.de




Anna Neitsch

Voluntary Ecological Year

  • Phone: +49 3592 34890
  • E-mail: as.neitsch@valtenbergwichtel.de

News …

Leisure facilities

Daily leisure activities:

At the Wilthen Youth Centre you can:

  • Meet people, listen to music and chat
  • Play billiards, table football, darts and the popular board games
  • Be active with table tennis, badminton, volleyball or beach soccer
  • Find contact persons for your questions and problems,
  • but also receive support with homework and application letters.

If you are feeling peckish, you can enjoy a snack in the youth centre

Constantly changing offers:

  • Nintendo Wii & PlayStation
  • Cooking together
  • Music Workshop with Paul
  • Creative Workshop – DO IT YOURSELF
  • Geocaching
  • Girls’ club
  • Summer camps
  • Trips during the holidays
  • and much more…

This measure is co-financedby tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by members of theSaxon Parliament.


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