School Social Work


School Social Work

School Social Work

School social work – as a professional, socio-pedagogical service – supports pupils in the process of growing up, in personal development and in school or personal problems, with the aim of successfully coping with everyday life. The basis for the joint work with pupils is the principle of voluntariness.

School social work supports and accompanies pupils, parents and teachers in solving individual problems. The professional offers a trusted andsafe space in accordance with confidentiality and data protection obligations.
School social work represents a quality feature for a holistically oriented school!

Basics of school social work

  • Voluntariness is the basis of cooperation with pupils and guardians.
  • Basically supportive and accompanying function
    • In the process of growing up and personality development
    • For personal, social and/or school-related challenges and goals
  • School social work is based on the basis of a relationship of trust
    • Joint agreements on tasks/goals in the work with the pupils
    • Supporting the competences of the pupils
    • Basic compliance with the duty of confidentiality
    • School social work focuses on solutions and resources
    • Referral for further assistance when needed
  • No punitive authority

Demand-driven areas of work

  • Individual and group work
  • Prevention and project activities
  • Educational leisure activities in the afternoon and during holidays
  • Participation in school development

Internship in school social work

Internship in school social work

Social work studentst and trainees (teachers) have the opportunity to undertake an internship school social

Applicants should send questions and supporting documents to: – Job descriptions forWilthen schools can be found here and for Sohland here.

School social workers of the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V.


  • Lessing Primary School in Neukirch
  • Maria Kirschner
  • State-recognized educator, B.A. Social Pedagogy and Management credentials
  • Hauptstraße 24, 01904 Neukirch/Lausitz
  • Mobile: +49 1713134489
  • E-mail: maria.kirschner@­valtenber­



  • Immanuel Kant Grammar School Wilthen
  • Paul Schneider
  • B.A. Social work – youth work / social work with youth
  • Karl-Marx-Straße 52, 02681 Wilthen
  • Mobile: +49 1711637438
  • E-mail: paul.schneider@­valtenberg­

  • Goethe Secondary School Wilthen
  • Laura Irmsch
  • State-recognized social pedagogue
  • Schulstraße 41, 02681 Wilthen
  • Telephone: +49 359234890
  • Mobile: +49 1717843372
  • E-mail: laura.irmsch@­valtenberg­


  • “Primary School on the Frühlingsberg peak”
  • Evelyn Schöbel
  • State-recognised social worker
  • Zittauer Straße 35, 02689 Sohland
  • Mobile: +49 1713135508
  • E-mail: evelyn.schoebel@­


    • Wilhelm von Polenz Secondary School
  • Elisabeth Herold
  • B.A. Social Work, M.A. Culture, Aesthetics, Media
  • Czornebohstraße 23, 02733 Cunewalde
    • Mobile: +4915140903613
  • E-mail: elisabeth.herold@­

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