Children and Youth Tourism


Children and Youth Tourism

Children’s and Youth Tourism in the Bautzen Uplands

Holiday in the Bautzener Oberland? But there’s nothing going on!

Wrong! Under the title “Children’s and Youth Tourism in the Bautzen Uplands” (CYT for short), the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V. shows that our region has so much to offer.

CYT offers at a colourful network of leisure activities and excursion destinations around the Bautzen region. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether culture, action or animals – here you will find everything your heart desires!

Trip building kit

And that’s not all: with the “trip building kit” at, you can plan your next stay with us individually:

Breakfast buffet and team building? Or would you prefer a packed lunch and a spooky hike?

We’ll organise it– just sit back and look forward to your next holiday in the Bautzen Oberland!

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Children and Youth Tourism
Project Leader: Thomas Wiechert

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