Courage to be sustainable


Courage to be sustainable

One of our strategic goals is the courage to be sustainable. In this way, the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V. wants to show that everyone can make a contribution to preserving the natural basis of life. Of course, we have by no means completed this process, but we have already been able to achieve some important steps.

Waste separation

For many years now, waste separation has been a matter of course in our youth recreation centres, the accommodation business and the offices.

Recycled paper
Recycled paper

For office materials such as envelopes, stationery, moderation cards, etc., the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V. now uses products made almost entirely from recycled paper. Our printed products (flyers, posters, stationery,…) are produced in an ecological printing house since 2019.

Reclaimed wood

In the Wichtelpension guesthouse you will find furniture elements made of reclaimed old wood. These are created in collaboration with a regional craftsman who is dedicated to this passion.


When it comes to catering for our guests, we also rely more and more on suppliers from the region and, if possible, on organic food. Coffee and and similar products have long been sourced from fair trade sources.

Electric car¨

Since 2019, the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V. has owned an electric car. The car is used for the annual visits to the 25 outposts of the Voluntary Ecological Year and the trips to training weeks, but other departments also like to use the car for official purposes.

Company bicycle

Our employees can also benefit from a leased company bicycle, which may also be used for commuting to work and at weekends. This not only protects the environment, but also improves health.


Both youth centres and the Wichtelpension guesthouse have been completely converted to energy-efficient lighting technology in recent years, and electricity and gas are also purchased from genuine “green suppliers”. In 2018, the conversion of the gas heating system in the youth centre in Neukirch to condensing boiler technology resulted in an additional saving of natural gas use of approx. 15%.

Solar systém

Since January 2021, both youth leisure centres and the electric car have been completely supplied by products from our own solar power production. The associated photovoltaic system was set up on the roof of the Neukirch youth centre in 2020 with financial support from the Ministry of Social Affairs of the State of Saxony. With the help of the integrated storage systems and an “electricity cloud”system, we can ensure actual energy self-sufficiency in the long term and also feed surplus solar power into the regional grid.

Voluntary Ecological Year
Green roof

At the youth centre in Neukirch, a green roof was constructed over the outside seating area by Voluntary Ecological Year students – beautiful to look at and water-storing!


We have a new laminator: no more toxic and foul-smelling fumes when laminating!
The foils also please our environment, as they are recyclable, free of solvents and heavy metals.

Courage to be sustainable can be demonstrated on a small and large scale. We remain self-critical and are already looking forward to watching our list grow.

Seit Januar 2021

Erzeugte Solarenergie

Seit Januar 2021 werden beide Jugendfreizeitstätten, der Elektro-PKW und unsere Klimaanlage komplett über Produkte der eigenen Solarstromproduktion versorgt.


Energie letzte 7 Tage in kWh

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