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The youth centre during the day:
The youth centre residing at no. 5 Forstweg street in Neukirch is the central control centre of the association Valtenbergwichtel e.V. In addition to the open leisure centre for children and young people, it also houses the association’s administration, where a number of projects focusing on youth participation or democracy building are created.

In addition, the youth centre in Neukirch offers 190 m² of space not only for the participation of young people and volunteers, but also for numerous leisure activities.

Visitors can play billiards, darts, table football and air hockey at any time in theloft. An important spot for all skaters is the skate park “Shorty 01904”. If the weather turns bad, the youth centre also offers an indoor skating ramp on the ground floor.

Neukirch Youth Centre Indoor ramp
Neukirch Youth Centre Indoor ramp

The youth centre in the evening

Other important parts of the Neukirch site are the Wichtelpension guesthouse and the old vaulted stable, which creates a cultural space for concertsor similar events.The Neukirch Youth Centre closes its doors for the younger ones at 6 pm. But does that mean yawning and boredom in the village? Not with us:

Voluntary self-managed youth club

Who are we?
Young people aged 18 and over who work independently and voluntarily with a lot of fun to counteract the dreariness. We are a bar team and our aim is to fight the popular opinion that “we are living out in the sticks”.

What do we do?
From Tuesday to Friday, usually from 7 pm to 10 pm, “Bear“ is bouncing between cold and hot drinks and canned music ranging from Oi! and punk to metal, schlager and techno. We determine the sound of the evening and you always have one free song request! Billiards, darts, X-Box, card games or just surfing internet via our wi-fi and chatting with friends – it’s all possible here.

Can I join in?
From the age of 16 you have the opportunity to become part of this volunteer team. In the “Patron Programme” you can participate one day a week together with an adult member of the bar team. Getting to know gastronomic processes, taking responsibility for guests, money and goods are just some of your tasks. Sounds stressful? Don’t worry – the goal is and remains for you to enjoy it! And when you turn 18, you will be fully involved and have the opportunity to become a patron yourself.

How can I participate?
Just come by in the evening and talk to us! Otherwise, just talk to Elli or write her a message.


Opening hours of the youth centre

Neukirch Leisure Centre
Monday – Friday: 12.00 to 18.00

Self-managed youth meeting in the evening
Tuesday – Friday: 19.00 to 22.00


Neukirch Youth Centre
,Valtenbergwichtel e.V.
Forstweg 5
01904 Neukirch

Team of the Neukirch Youth Centre

Max Schmidt

You can meet me at various levels in the Neukirch Youth Centre. I am one of the team’s contact persons for the various projects that can be found around the Neukirch Youth Centre. I’m here for you at the open leisure centre from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 18.00 and I look forward to meeting you there for a game of table football or billiards.

However, I also have an open ear for your worries, wishes, questions and suggestions and am available for counselling or individual discussions – so please feel free to contact me for advice, to mediate disputes, to organise your free time or just for fun.

I am also very interested in creative projects like art or music. As we all know, there are no limits to creativity, so I am excited to see what creative projects we will develop and implement together here at the Neukirch Youth Centre.

Anna Maria Junker

When I’m not sitting in a lecture, I’m available for you at the leisure centre from Monday to Friday, 12.00-18.00. So if you want to win at table football or lose at billiards, have something on your mind and need a sympathetic ear, just ask me! Maybe I’ll tell you a bad joke once in a while.

Apart from that, I’m totally up for cool projects in gender-specific work with girls* and young women* and in the LGBTQ+ field. Do you have any ideas or wishes? Feel free to let me know. I am already looking forward to your visit to the youth centre!

Johanna Wurm

You can find me in the youth centre from Monday to Wednesday from 12.00 to 18.00. Do you want to play a game of UNO, win against me in billiards, or just have a nice chat? Then I am exactly the right person! Of course I am also there for you with small or big worries. Feel free to approach me. I will always try to help you and together we will surely find a solution.

I am also happy to work on projects that promote democracy. But as we all know, it’s more fun together, so I’m happy to incorporate your ideas and wishes. So just let me know. I look forward to working with you!

Tilo Moritz

My job is to lead. This means overall coordination of the individual projects and coaching of the different projects in the youth centre. In addition, I am partly active in the area of individual case assistance – especially in cooperation with the job centre, youth court assistance or help with upbringing. As the former coordinator of the youth welfare system of the district of Bautzen, I am still on the road in numerous committees of the district. It is quite a load for just under 10 hours a week that I have at my disposal for these tasks which are always varied, stimulating and exciting. Every now and then a few hours are dedicated for voluntary work, such as for being a member of the youth welfare committee of the district of Bautzen.

Internship at the Neukirch Youth Centre

Students from the field of social work as well as trainees (educators) have the opportunity to complete an internship at the Neukirch Youth Centre.

Please send enquiries and application documents (cover letter, CV, work assessments) to A job description for the internship position can be found here: stellenbeschreibung_jhnk

Voluntary service at the Neukirch Youth Centre

We are a placement site for the Voluntary Ecological Year. Please send enquiries and applications to

This project is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed bythe members of the Saxon State Parliament.


About us

The association Valtenbergwichtel e.V.


Valtenbergwichtel e.V.
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